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About Kholani's Group

Kholani’s Multicuisine Restaurant specialized in Indian cuisines, Ethnic Hyderabadi food and outdoor catering services brings you the best of cuisines in their original tastes.

From time immemorial, home cooked food has been relished the most. But in today’s world where things happen at the blink of an eye, there’s hardly enough time to rustle up even the simplest of dishes. Elaborate recipes stay confined to the pages of those gloriously illustrated books. While most of the time you miss out on “Maa Ke Haath Ka Swaadisht Khana.”

We, at Kholani’s nurture the concept of traditional cooking. Most of our dishes owe their taste to our well guarded recipes of our kitchen. We Hand-pick farm-fresh ingredients that give a distinct flavor and taste to our recipes. Cuisines from across the seas also find a place in our repertoire. Every dish is exclusively prepared with personal care and attention to bring you home cooked food.

Even the peaceful ambience for away from the maddening crowd is designed to make you feel relaxed and at ease.

Come, Make yourself feel at home…